More Thoughts on the James Tyler Variax from Dwayne Larring

Producer Dwayne Larring (Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Voxhaul Broadcast) is currently in the studio tracking guitars. With a pile of great guitars to choose from, only one has opened up “a world of possibilities” for him. Can you guess which one? Did you miss last week’s video of Dwayne?

Producer Dwayne Larring in the Studio with a James Tyler Variax

Having helped shape the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Voxhaul Broadcast and many other artists, producer Dwayne Larring is serious about tone. See what happened when we left him alone with a JTV-69US…

The virtues of Virtual Capo

As promised, here’s a video showing some of the incredible benefits of Virtual Capo. (Rich is using a JTV-69US.) Enjoy!