Dave Hunter: The Big Buzz – Origins of the Fuzz Box & Tips on Getting Fuzzy

Hunter recaps fuzz history, provides user insights, and spotlights vintage and modern fuzz pedals modeled in Helix that you can explore yourself.

Mike “Puisheen” Adams — Guitar Whisperer, Offset Fanatic, and Atypical Picker

The popular YouTuber discusses his bizarre musical background, his passion for offset guitars, Helix, and being an “influencer.”

Jeff Schroeder: Ambient Sounds Pt. 2 – Attack of the Synths

Schroeder shares three period-correct synth-based Helix presets inspired by Adrian Belew and other early guitar synth pioneers. Free download!

Devin Townsend – From Extreme Metal to Ambient Explorations with Helix

The radically eclectic guitarist discusses his creative process, crafting “massive clouds of sound” with dual Helix processors, and much more.

Dave Hunter: Tone in a Box Part 2 – Tone Tweaking Via Speaker Swapping

Take a deep dive into the history of guitar speakers and explore how speaker swapping—physically or virtually—can reveal a treasure trove of tones.

Dave Hunter: Tone in a Box Part 1 – Tone Tweaking Via Cab Swapping

Learn all about speaker cabs and how they affect your tone—then explore the new cabs and cab parameter options in Helix 3.50 “The Cab Update.”