Dialing In Spider Valve MkII Tones: Pt. 4

Line 6 Expert Rowbi has been a Line6.com Community member since November 25, 2006, has posted over 4,000 times and has earned over 3,000 points. He’s treating us to a series of blog posts and videos centered on one area of his expertise: Spider Valve™ MkII guitar amplifiers. For more helpful gear tutorials, visit Rowbi’s […]

Riff and Riffability with POD X3 Live

Can you name them all? In this video, paulhindmarshmusic takes us on a tour of his favorite guitar riffs with POD X3 Live and I’m thoroughly impressed at how well he manages to link them all together into one cohesive bit. If you liked the video, let him know in the comments section here. Want […]

The Great and Powerful M9 Has Spoken

Pay no attention to the pedal behind the curtain!  The M9 Stompbox Modeler has been unleashed on the world for a few months now and you’ve posted some interesting videos showcasing how to put this gizmo to use. M9 Tutorial: studio1087 does a great job of explaining some of the subtle operation steps that make […]