Setting up a Reggae Stompbox

It’s almost impossible to not use the words “classic,” “clean” and “vintage” when talking about Reggae tones.  While these descriptions from the early days of reggae, rock and blues might be golden, we look to the future when revisiting such vital tones.  Critics and gear junkies rave about these definitive and integral sounds, but these […]

7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan – Part 2

1. Be Clear About Who Your Audience Is & What It Wants Intuitively, we think that by trying to appeal to as many people as possible we’ll get more bookings. In reality, the opposite is often true. Appeal to everyone and the chances are you’re actually appealing to no one in particular. It’s therefore a […]

7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan – Part 5

7. Create an Amazing Experience for Your Client (So They Can’t Wait to Tell the World About You) It’s important to understand that your client is taken on a journey when they book you. If you think that just by putting on a great show and rockin’ their party it’s enough, then think again. They […]

7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan – Part 1

It was Theodore Roosevelt that said “if you build it, they will come.” Now I’m not one to tell the 26th President of the USA whether he was right or wrong about that. But the world was a very different place in the early 1900s. If you’re Starbucks, then yes, there’s a good chance that […]

7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan – Part 4

5. Create a Promo Showreel That’s an Advert For Your Band This could be first on the list, as over the last three to five years video has become one of the key components in any cover band’s marketing arsenal. The cost to produce top-notch video has come down massively in the last few years. […]

7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan – Part 3

3. Produce Up to 7 Audio Tracks That Best Represent What You Do Choose your tracks carefully as they communicate to your prospective client the breadth of repertoire you can perform. Even a glance at a list of these tracks should tell the story of your band and what you can deliver. Remember that you […]

How to Record a Guitar Cover

In the modern world of social networking, smartphones and tablets, the process of recording a guitar cover has become a high-tech art form. Social media outlets such as YouTube have enabled many musicians to become self-publishers and share favorite cover songs for the world to critique. A huge aspect of recording cover songs is investing […]

Adjusting Your Setup from a Live Gig to a Recording Studio

As guitar players, we’re so obsessed with creating the best live tone possible that we easily forget about our studio setup. Sure, while our favorite amps, cabs and pedals might make for a killer tone in a spacious club, these “road tested” methods don’t necessarily translate seamlessly into the controlled, solid-state environment of a recording […]

The Gig Emergency Kit

We’ve all been there—those moments just before downbeat when you realize something is terribly wrong. Yes, as professional as we like to think we are, even the most seasoned touring veteran has those “oh crap” moments, where a piece of equipment is either malfunctioning or missing altogether. It’s the worst of feelings… but never again! […]

Setting up a Jazz Stompbox

When it comes to creating remarkable jazz tones, many guitarists agree it’s ideal to have a clean and straightforward sound. You don’t get jazz melodies through overdriven and futuristic effect pedals, but rather by modifying simple tones. Though some think it’s a sin to use an effects pedal for jazz, we think moderation is the […]

What to Look for in Your First Amp

Because your guitar is only as good as your amp allows it to be, it’s important to take as much care in selecting your first amp as you did your first guitar—you didn’t waltz in and grab the first battle axe on the shelf so you certainly shouldn’t do that with your amp! That said, […]

6 Proven Steps: The Fastest Way to Re-String a Guitar

Though re-stringing a guitar may seem like a daunting and time-consuming process, there are several simple tricks for a fast and flawless transition. Whether you’re a guitar tech or simply an enthusiast, these six steps will make it a breeze to change strings. 1. Use a Neck Cradle Placing a guitar in an upright position […]

Your Tone and the Advantages of Having Digital Pedals

When it comes to achieving the greatest guitar tone possible, it really comes down to three simple things; your instrument, your amp and your pedals. Assuming you’ve found your axe and amp of choice, the best tools you have for authoring your signature tone are your pedals. That said, in an effort to help you […]

Setting Up Your Stompbox for Rock

Stomboxes for guitarists are like ingredients for chefs: when used correctly, they add signature flavors.  Whether it’s a stompbox with 10 tones or a stompbox with 100 tones, it’s important to find the right balance of satisfying tastes.  When it comes to establishing a rock tone, you’ll mainly want to focus on getting the most […]

How The James Tyler Variax Saved a Film Scoring Session

The James Tyler Variax saved a film scoring session with its ultimate tuning flexibility.

Integrative Care for Musicians: Upper Extremity Injuries

The Rock and Roll doctor is in. Dr. Ricky Fishman, San Francisco, CA-based Chiropractor and veteran bass player is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat the challenges that musicians face. Back pain due to hauling gear, repetitive stress injuries due to hours of playing – the “Musician’s Chiropractor” has seen it all. Visit Dr. Fishman’s […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Stereo Delay

It’s been a little while since my last Tips & Tricks blog post, but it’s good to be back exploring some of the effects in POD HD multi-effects processors! We’re well on our way through all 19 delay models in these bad boys, but we still have a few more to go. About the Stereo […]

How to Record a Song – Part 5: Vocals and Pitch Correction

Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper uses Propellerhead’s Record Reason Duo software to record vocals and add vocal pitch correction and synthesized vocal harmonies in part 5 of his “How to Record a Song” series.

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Dynamic Delay

The Dynamic Delay effect in the POD HD multi-effects processors is, in my opinion, the cleanest sounding digital delay model in the entire device. It should be. It’s inspired by* the famous T.C. Electronic® 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, a true industry standard in the music world throughout the late 80s into the 90s and even […]

How to Record a Song – Part 4: Keyboards and Editing

Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you how to record a keyboard part and how to edit a song in part 4 of his “How to Record a Song” series.

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