Backstage and on the Road: Johnny Starbuck Discusses 30 Years of Life as a Roadie for The Rolling Stones (Part 1)

Being a roadie or tech for a band is not easy. Being a roadie for arguably one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever in my mind is just plain frightening but that’s exactly what Johnny Starbuck has done. Johnny has been traveling as a roadie with The Rolling Stones for over 30 years […]

Behind the Scenes with Co-Founder Michel Doidic

Michel Doidic, co-founder of Line 6 with Marcus Ryle, reflects on the company’s founding and its pivotal product introductions. Line 6 is the industry leader in digital modeling technology, and has been the pioneer in bringing a host of modeling products, both hardware and software based, to musicians worldwide. In the following Q&A, Michel Doidic […]

Employee Spotlight: Rich Renken, Artist Relations/Customer Advocate

1. How did you come to work at Line 6? I met a super-cool cat who works for Line 6 named Darrell Smith and learned that he was a killer keyboardist and musician. On a project I was engineering and mixing, we hired him to play keys. We became good friends and he and I […]

Employee Spotlight: Angelo Mazzocco, Lead DSP and Embedded Systems Engineer

1. Before you came to Line 6, what, if any, was your previous experience working in the music industry? None! I grew up playing guitar and recording music with my friends, but Line 6 is my first full-time job out of college. While in college, I had been building distortion boxes after hours in the […]

Employee Spotlight: Valerie Corabi, Office Assistant

Before you came to Line 6, what, if any, was your previous experience working in the music industry? I was a makeup artist for many ’80s and ’90s rock bands. I have done makeup for Scorpions, David Lee Roth, Michael Schenker, Queensryche and many more. I have done magazines, CD covers and videos and have […]

Building My Wireless Pedal Board

If anyone knows his way around a pedal board it’s John Chandler of Pro Stage Gear, the makers of Pedaltrain pedal boards. When he wanted to make his own wireless pedal board he knew who to call. Want your own wireless pedal board? Enter to win a Pedaltrain pedal board and a Relay® G50 digital […]

Riff and Riffability with POD X3 Live

Can you name them all? In this video, paulhindmarshmusic takes us on a tour of his favorite guitar riffs with POD X3 Live and I’m thoroughly impressed at how well he manages to link them all together into one cohesive bit. If you liked the video, let him know in the comments section here. Want […]

Endless Guitar Loops with DL4

When I came across this video from tubescreamer using the DL4, I definitely had a “why didn’t I think of that” moment.  Punching in and out of a guitar loop is a skill all its own, but this method seems like a great solution if you’re just interested in laying down a wall of ambient […]

Video Spotlight: Zelda Theme

Zelda Main Theme: metalkrapo has put together quite a creative video using the Variax and a POD X3 Live.  It builds slowly in the beginning but the ending is worth the wait.  Complete annotations are provided explaining the gear he used and the process for building the live loops. If you liked the video, let […]