Firehawk 1500 FRFR Full Frequency Flat Response Guitar Amp

What is FRFR? The world is getting speedier and speedier, and folks always seem to be looking at ways of speeding things up even more. From “touch to pay” credit card systems to dry shampoo, the world has gone and got itself a jones for faster. In fact, we Americans are so short for time […]

The Science and Magic Behind Variax Emulations

Variax® technology is often misunderstood. One of the reasons that it is so effective at recreating the sounds of other instruments lies in the fact that it is NOT a MIDI guitar. MIDI guitars trigger a series of samples or impulses based upon the data output of a special “hex” pickup. Because the pickup is […]

Reason for Guitarists Like You’ve Never Seen Before

As a guitarist and a Reason user, I am a huge fan of producing guitar tracks with Reason. Recently, I saw a video that demonstrated this in a way that blew me away, and I wanted to share it with you.

But wait, there’s more: Just thinking of getting into computer recording? Did you know that for a price too low to print, Reason Essentials gives you unlimited audio tracks, unlimited virtual instrument tracks, plus Line 6 amp models in an easy-to-use software made for recording your ideas fast?

How to Record a Song – Part 6: Mixing and Mastering

Get a taste of mixing and mastering in Reason 6 as Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper finishes up his “How to Record a Song” video series!

Backstage and on the Road: Johnny Starbuck Discusses 30 Years of Life as a Roadie for The Rolling Stones (Part 2)

Being a roadie or tech for a band is not easy. Being a roadie for arguably one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever in my mind is just plain frightening but that’s exactly what Johnny Starbuck has done. Johnny has been traveling as a roadie with The Rolling Stones for over 30 years […]

What it Takes to Stage. Your Revolution.

It happens every year here around late summer. I’d say August. The excited whispers and anticipation throughout the offices at Line 6 are usually a tell tale sign. What’s it going to be like this year? Will any new products be unveiled? What room will we have? For Line 6, the annual NAMM (National Association […]

Going Mobile with Line 6 at CES

Line 6′s first year at CES features live music, including a surprise performance by Jordan Rudess on Mobile Keys™!

POD HD Multi-effects Get Extra Models and More with Free v1.3 Firmware Update

Welcome to our 100th blog post! When we asked our Facebook friends what they thought our 100th post should be about, “more info on the POD HD v1.3 update” was a popular response. Well, ask and ye shall receive! Dive deep into v1.3 with Line 6 DSP guru Kris Daniel and find out what’s behind […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Dynamic Delay

The Dynamic Delay effect in the POD HD multi-effects processors is, in my opinion, the cleanest sounding digital delay model in the entire device. It should be. It’s inspired by* the famous T.C. Electronic® 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, a true industry standard in the music world throughout the late 80s into the 90s and even […]

Why Spider Online Totally Rocks

By Mike Levine Line 6 Spider amp owners are doubly lucky. Besides having one of the best modeling guitar amplifiers on the market, they can access a wealth of bonus material at Spider Online, the new Line 6 website. Spider Online offers a huge amount of free content including online lessons, jam tracks recorded by […]

What Makes Spider IV 15 and 30 the Best Practice Amps?

By Mike Levine Guitarists are on a constant quest for great amp tone. One way to try to get it is to crank your tube amp to 10, but, realistically, there just aren’t that many situations where that’s practical. If you’re at home, or even in a rehearsal, turning up to full is likely to […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Echo Platter

The Echo Platter delay model on the POD HD multi-effect processors is a very special effect indeed. It is based on one of the most sought-after and revered delay effects of all time, the Binson Echorec. Brief History of Binson The very first Echorec units were introduced in the late 1950s. Located in Milan, Italy, […]

JTV and POD HD500 Multi-effect: Building the Perfect Beast

In the last blog post, I talked about using the James Tyler Variax and POD® HD500 multi-effect pedal to tackle the daunting task of recreating and taking the vast array of tones created in the studio to the stage. My personal experience in the past has been that the results are one huge compromise. Unless, […]

Employee Spotlight: Kris Daniel, Senior DSP Software Engineer

Before you came to Line 6, what, if any, was your previous experience working in the music industry? I worked for a start-up company in Philadelphia called G-Vox for about three years. We made these funny magnetic hexaphonic pickups for electric guitars that would connect to your PC and it would output MIDI, mostly for […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Multi-Head Delay

It’s amazing how many classic, groundbreaking delay effect models are loaded into the POD HD multi-effects processors. In my previous blog posts in this series we’ve already touched on a few of these great delay effects and this week is no exception. The Multi-Head delay effect loaded into the POD HD multi-effects processors is inspired […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Analog w/MOD

Welcome back! If you’ve been following my blog series you’ve already read about the history of three very popular delay models in the POD HD multi-effects processor family; the Analog Echo (based on* the Boss® DM-2 delay) , the Tube Echo (based on* the Maestro® EP-1) , and the Tape Echo (based on* the Maestro […]

The Zen of Practicing: 5 Steps to Increase Motivation to Practice

If making music is important to you, then not playing can lead frustration. To anyone out there struggling with a lack of motivation to play, to practice, or to learn a tricky technique or a difficult piece of music, here is a five-step approach that may help you get back to enjoying music more than ever before.

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Tube and Tape Echo

Thanks for joining me once again as we travel through the effects of the POD HD multi-effects processors. If you read my blog last week, you learned about the Analog Echo delay model in the POD HD series and some useful ways it can be used. Today, we’ll learn a little about the Tube Echo […]

Employee Spotlight: Dan Castillo, Lead Product Tester/Lab Coordinator

Before you came to Line 6 what was your experience working in the music industry? Before working at Line 6 I went to school for recording engineering.  I was in a band and used my education to record our album while working at the school helping students with their recording projects. How did you come […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Analog Echo

Last week we talked briefly about the history of the delay effect and how it started out as a recording engineer trick requiring the use of tape heads on reel-to-reel recording systems to create a unique echo effect. This method, although effective, proved to be an arduous task. As a result, various companies began developing […]

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