Employee Spotlight: Valerie Corabi, Office Assistant

Before you came to Line 6, what, if any, was your previous experience working in the music industry? I was a makeup artist for many ’80s and ’90s rock bands. I have done makeup for Scorpions, David Lee Roth, Michael Schenker, Queensryche and many more. I have done magazines, CD covers and videos and have […]

Employee Spotlight: Kris Daniel, Senior DSP Software Engineer

Before you came to Line 6, what, if any, was your previous experience working in the music industry? I worked for a start-up company in Philadelphia called G-Vox for about three years. We made these funny magnetic hexaphonic pickups for electric guitars that would connect to your PC and it would output MIDI, mostly for […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Multi-Head Delay

It’s amazing how many classic, groundbreaking delay effect models are loaded into the POD HD multi-effects processors. In my previous blog posts in this series we’ve already touched on a few of these great delay effects and this week is no exception. The Multi-Head delay effect loaded into the POD HD multi-effects processors is inspired […]

How to Record a Song – Part 3: Programming Drums and Percussion

Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you how to program beats in part 3 of his “How to Record a Song” series.

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Analog w/MOD

Welcome back! If you’ve been following my blog series you’ve already read about the history of three very popular delay models in the POD HD multi-effects processor family; the Analog Echo (based on* the Boss® DM-2 delay) , the Tube Echo (based on* the Maestro® EP-1) , and the Tape Echo (based on* the Maestro […]

The Zen of Practicing: 5 Steps to Increase Motivation to Practice

If making music is important to you, then not playing can lead frustration. To anyone out there struggling with a lack of motivation to play, to practice, or to learn a tricky technique or a difficult piece of music, here is a five-step approach that may help you get back to enjoying music more than ever before.

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Tube and Tape Echo

Thanks for joining me once again as we travel through the effects of the POD HD multi-effects processors. If you read my blog last week, you learned about the Analog Echo delay model in the POD HD series and some useful ways it can be used. Today, we’ll learn a little about the Tube Echo […]

Employee Spotlight: Dan Castillo, Lead Product Tester/Lab Coordinator

Before you came to Line 6 what was your experience working in the music industry? Before working at Line 6 I went to school for recording engineering.  I was in a band and used my education to record our album while working at the school helping students with their recording projects. How did you come […]

How to Record a Song – Part 2: Recording Guitar and Bass

Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you how to get started recording guitar and bass with your computer at home, including info on guitar amplifier microphone placement.

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Analog Echo

Last week we talked briefly about the history of the delay effect and how it started out as a recording engineer trick requiring the use of tape heads on reel-to-reel recording systems to create a unique echo effect. This method, although effective, proved to be an arduous task. As a result, various companies began developing […]

Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi Effects Processors: A Series

It’s no secret that Line 6 invented the digital modeling amplifier. However, many people also consider us the industry leader in quality audio effects processors and stompbox modelers. To date, we’ve modeled over 100 vintage and modern FX from legendary analog tape delays like the Maestro® EP-3 Echoplex to more recent and advanced effects like […]

Bringing Music Back to Schools With the Traveling Guitar Foundation

I’ll never forget my first encounter with a musical instrument. I was 11 years old and attending a small middle school in rural Brooklyn, CT. Like most kids, I was highly influenced by my peers. So when my small clique of friends started showing an interest in school band, of course I had to see […]

James Tyler Variax Video Blog No. 3: A Short Update

Jack takes a moment to recognize that James Tyler Variax modeling guitars are in short supply. They are being built and released as quickly as possible without compromising quality or precision.

Building My Wireless Pedal Board

If anyone knows his way around a pedal board it’s John Chandler of Pro Stage Gear, the makers of Pedaltrain pedal boards. When he wanted to make his own wireless pedal board he knew who to call. Want your own wireless pedal board? Enter to win a Pedaltrain pedal board and a Relay® G50 digital […]

How to Record a Song – Part 1: Set Up

Want to record your own music at home with a computer, but not quite sure how to get started? Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you everything you’ll need to get started recording with your computer at home!

Propellerhead Record: The Channel Strip Compressor, Demystified

A relatively large number of people who make music actually have a rather vague idea about what compression is. Is the compressor the “good” button that makes everything sound better? Warmer? Louder? Smoother? Is it like a delicious barbeque sauce that you can put on everything, the more the better? Not really! Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper talks about the Channel Strip Compressor included on each audio channel in Propellerhead Record, and explains in plain English some fundamental concepts of audio compression.

Build the Best Artist Tones With Line 6 Modeling Amps and Multi-Effects

By Line6Miller You’ve just purchased your new Line 6 gear. Whether it’s a Spider® IV modeling amplifier or new POD® HD multi-effect, your quest for tone has begun. The only problem is where to start. How do you approach tone-building? How do you dial in that blues, metal or rock tone that drove you to […]

Musical Odyssey, with a Side of Mealworms

[Please ignore the following characters: MPQHD5QU2W3W - They made me do it]

Some gigs are a little stranger than others. This would be one of those.

Rock and Roll Ergonomics: Low Back Protection

The Rock and Roll doctor is in. Dr. Ricky Fishman, San Francisco, CA,-based Chiropractor and veteran bass player is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat the challenges that musicians face. Back pain due to hauling gear, repetitive stress injuries due to hours of playing – the “Musician’s Chiropractor” has seen it all. Visit Dr. Fishman’s […]

Line 6 Guide to Home Recording, Part 4: Effects and Automation

In the last article of our Home Recording series, effects and automation — and the freedom they deliver — are explored in detail. Make sure to read the other parts in the series (Part 1: the Computer, Part 2: Choosing Microphones and Part 3: DAW Software) for valuable information that will make your recordings better […]

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