James Tyler Variax Video Blog No. 3: A Short Update

Jack takes a moment to recognize that James Tyler Variax modeling guitars are in short supply. They are being built and released as quickly as possible without compromising quality or precision.

3 Responses to “ James Tyler Variax Video Blog No. 3: A Short Update ”

  1. The_Doc_Rock Says:

    (Crying here) – how is poor little Australia going on that waiting list? Sniff, sniff…
    I will soon be having the first anniversary of my order for my candy apple red JTV-69 – and still no sign of it. Richie has been promising to look into Australian orders for months, but so far, no results.
    Do we even have an updated ETA yet? Last one I heard was July/August – maybe…!
    Actually, I’m seriously thinking of cancelling, as they will be close to obsolete by the time we get them.

  2. wahwah666 Says:

    Too long to wait for this. My initial excitement has evaporated and I’m bailing out. Good luck to y’all waiting. Hope it meets your expectations.

  3. lindsayward Says:

    I’m still waiting in Australia… Meanwhile my Variax 600 has developed a problem with the VDI connection :(

    Could I suggest you don’t use that position for future videos? The light in the background instead of on the subject puts you in shadow.

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