James Tyler Variax Video Blog No. 2: Exploring the Magnetic Pickups

Jack explores each of the Tyler-designed pickups in the JTV-69 and spends some time investigating the “voodoo” that lives between the middle single-coil pickup and the bridge humbucker. (Voodoo courtesy of James Tyler).

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  1. spmartin Says:

    Jack, I just love the way you’re doing these reviews. Lets us know that you are knowledgeable and a player. I love your recommendation to “get your hands on one”. Any suggestions where that might be accomplished. These are just not in the channel yet.
    Keep the reviews coming. I look forward to them, and they will help sell these guitars.

  2. RogerGLewis Says:

    Sounds very sweet as you say very Strat like this model looks great I prefer its look to the 59 or 89 and the pick up configuration seems to give more tone options with HB ib the bridge position.
    Roll on the model review and the alternate tunings I think we are witnessing the birth of a modern classic with these James Tyler Variax guitars it really is the most exciting Guitar Launch since the Taylor T5, properly revolutionary if you catch my drift.
    Can you get your hands on a Line 6 Spider MK11 amp and a HD500pedal board as well and continue your reviews I am thinking of adopting all 3 as my own rig and finding all 3 in one store in Sweden to try out is a bit of a challenge.

  3. jacksonni Says:

    @spmartin – thanx…I’m having fun doing them and getting to know this machine! I know there’s only been a small number available but hopefully that will change relatively soon. I’ll keep you posted so stay tuned!

    @Roger – I agree…this IS a truly groundbreaking instrument! I’ve been messing with running the JTV in conjunction with a POD HD500 and the results have been nothing short of amazing. More on that in upcoming blogs!

  4. laelamiles Says:

    That Hendrix painting is pure awesome.

  5. jacksonni Says:

    @laelamiles -thanx!! the Hendrix print was done by Shepherd Fairey of Obey fame. Also the cat who did the Obama campaign posters.

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