How to Record a Song – Part 1: Set Up

Want to record your own music at home with a computer, but not quite sure how to get started? Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you everything you’ll need to get started recording with your computer at home!

This video is the first part in a series, and will show you how to get set up. Next time, Matt will show you how to record guitar and bass with your home computer!

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  1. vechicin Says:

    I have a doubt. Which Propellerhead software is used in the video?

  2. Line6Piper Says:

    @vechicin: Propellerhead Record Reason Duo is the software used. (Record 1.5 + Reason 5)

  3. vechicin Says:

    Does that software come with the Line 6 KB37? Or do i have to buy it separately.

  4. Osteele Says:

    Where can we find the remaining tutorials. You mention recording guitar and bass and the end of Part I. However I cannot locate Part II and so on.

  5. Dranged_PUID Says:

    mattt..thanks for the info regarding vocoding at the conference this weekened.but i wanted to ask if you can post what you did with neptune regarding the to files you presented in which the sound was fatter and harmonicallly good to the ears.Also do you have a setup for utilizing the vocoder bv512 with a keyboard midi/synth instead of a guitar.that would be great.

  6. dinerdog Says:

    Great tutorial Matt, and loved your Propheads videocast last week. One (or two) questions about Record and Line6. I can’t seem to find the info here: 1. what Line6 software do I need to get all the guitar amps in Record? 2. I have the iLok Podfarm Platinum (which doesn’t help in Record) and wondered if there’s an upgrade path, and finally 3. do I need some Line6 hardware/audio interface to make all that happen? TIA.

  7. Line6Piper Says:

    @dinerdog: If you have POD Farm 2, you qualify for a free upgrade to 2.5. Already, your iLok should unlock the additional amp models in Record. With POD Farm 2.5, you no longer need hardware.

    upgrade questions:

    Thanks for checking out the webcast! :-)

  8. Line6Piper Says:

    @vechicin: sorry for the delayed response. Reason and Record are sold separately.

  9. Line6Piper Says:

    @Osteele: Sorry I didn’t see your question until today.

    Thanks for letting me know that a couple of my blogs have fallen off the page.

    All my videos (including the missing ones) are in this playlist:

  10. Line6Piper Says:

    @Dranged_PUID: Sorry I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the Neptune stuff up, as I have several other video/blog projects scheduled ahead of that. I want to, though!

    Regarding the vocoder set-up with a synth instead of a guitar, instead of an audio track with a Line 6 amp device, you can use a synth such as Thor with a sawtooth wave and the filter wide open. I think I have a patch for you:

    (you will have to be logged into you Line 6 account. go to the bottom of the page and download the files for “Propellerhead Record + Reason: Vocoding with Guitar.” It will include a synth vocoder patch called “Boogie on Down,” same as at the beginning of the video. Here’s the original vocoding blog post:

    And here’s one for vocoding with drums:

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