How to Record a Song – Part 2: Recording Guitar and Bass

Have great ideas on your guitar or bass that you want to record? Line 6′s Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper shows you how to get started recording guitar and bass at home using Propellerhead Record + Reason Duo software. This video includes a section on microphone placement for recording a guitar amplifier.

This video is the second part in a series. To see the first video on how to get set up, click here.

Next time, Matt will show you how to program drum and percussion parts!

3 Responses to “ How to Record a Song – Part 2: Recording Guitar and Bass ”

  1. vechicin Says:

    What would i give up in terms of recording possibilities if i only buy the Propellerhead Reason 5 or if i only buy the Propellerhead Record 1.5. Also how could i record keyboards?

  2. Line6Piper Says:


    If you only bought Record, you could use Record’s ID8 Instrument Device to record keyboards. It has a wide variety of keyboard sounds, and also drums, bass, etc. You would not get any other virtual instruments or drum machines. If you bought only Reason, you would get drums and synths galore, but would not be able to record audio tracks (vocals, guitar, etc.). It’s really worth the investment to go with the Record Reason Duo, in my opinion, but if you need to record primarily audio and can only afford one program, Record is the option.

  3. sandblast Says:

    Propellerhead have announced that Reason 6, due around Sept 30th, will include Record in the software.
    Record will no longer be sold as a seperate programme.

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