Making Music Videos for YouTube | Part 3

Photo by Playstar Rocker Your masterpiece is finally complete and you’re ready to go live to the world. It’s time to output your video and upload it to an online video site. This is where we talk about formatting and compression. Most of the big video sites like YouTube and Vimeo will accept a lot […]

6 Techniques To Help You Make More Music

You’ve got your instruments, you’ve got your gear, and you’ve even invested in some recording equipment. Yet you find months slipping by with little or nothing recorded. Often the hardest part is just getting started. If you find yourself in this situation, I hope you will benefit from reading a few suggestions that have helped me.

Line 6 Guide to Home Recording, Part 3: DAW Software

Are you running the DAW software that’s right for you? Continuing the Line 6 Home Recording series, this article explores a few different software options and offers step-by-step instructions for one we think you’ll like. Make sure to read Part 1 (the Computer) and Part 2 (Choosing Microphones) of this series. By Philip De Lancie […]

Making Music Videos For YouTube | Part 2

Photo by Thundercheese Most great videos are a combination of a little bit of inspiration and a lot of great editing. I once was on a video shoot with a very well-known guitar player (names will be omitted to protect the innocent) and for a short minute of soloing he continued to do take after […]