Why Do You Make Music?

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.” – Abraham Maslow

In my last blog I talked about animals and their songs. Usually animals sing for a very specific reason, some of them are to attract a mate, to warn predators, to express danger, etc. Which led me to this question… Why do you make music? There are many, many different reasons that drive us to make music. Below I have gathered some quotes from our own Line 6ers and outside artists.

“I make music because I have something to say.” Seal, BBC News Interview (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7689465.stm)

“I make music ’cause I love music and I hope other people love the music that I make. And when they tell me that they do, that makes me really happy.” – Moby (MTV.com http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1432221/20000214/moby.jhtml)

“I make music because I enjoy it. I like doing it. I have always wanted to lyrically raise the level of the rock song.” Lou Reed (http://loureed.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=2&page=1)

“I make music because it touches and releases a part of me that would otherwise not be revealed, and it makes me feel good, like in a perfect, surreal dream.” – Grant (Sr. Software Engineer, Line 6)

“I make music because it satisfies some fundamental desire to find patterns in chaos. The mathematical harmony of sonic energy vibrating in a uniquely familiar way is pleasing to both my mind and body. Plus, it gets me chicks.” – Mateo (Web Designer, Line 6)

“It’s a little pretentious, but I think I have something interesting and worthwhile to say with music. I like expressing myself through music because it’s a universal language that brings people together, and I’m totally into all of that hippie shit…” Mark (Director, Product Management, Line 6)

“I make music because it’s awesome. To be honest, I never really thought about it till I had to answer your question. Turns out I make music for a lot of different reasons including… it feels good to have total control over something, it’s therapeutic, I like making noise, it feels good to express myself in a physical way instead of a verbal way, and it’s a good opportunity for me time.” David (Creative Manager, Line 6)

Now it’s your turn! Why do you make music?

8 Responses to “ Why Do You Make Music? ”

  1. wyattc Says:

    For the good old American lifestyle: For the money, for the glory, and for the fun… mostly for the money.

  2. BeeRyeStr8 Says:

    I make music for one reason- for me! When I sit down and write a song, I am pouring my soul, my thoughts, and sometimes my secrets into it. Music has always been a great release for me, and needless to say, my biggest passion.
    I don’t mind if other people listen to my music, but if they like it or hate it, is of no concern to me; as long as I am happy with it.
    The music industry, like so many others, is filled with people wanting money, fame, or whatever. This leads to people making music for the wrong reasons. Real musicians, in my opinion, don’t care if they are playing in front of an arena, or an empty bedroom;they do it for the music.
    That is what I think. If I ever sell an album, great. If I never sell one, great. I love music with all my heart; I would be ashamed to cheapen it, by pursuing it for the wrong reasons.

  3. wagerofwar Says:

    music is one of the few things magical in our modern world. it goes beyond reasoning and understanding, which our culture is based on. you feel it in your heart, your soul, and your mind. it touches all of you without explaining itself. this is why I play, and this is why I strive to play out of my heart, not my mind. music has been given to me by my Beloved

  4. Line6Angela Says:

    Love to read why you all make music! I think it’s fantastic how music can have such an emotional value for the artist, but also can reach beyond that to the listener and take on a whole different life with them.

  5. mike242424 Says:

    I make music not only for fun but also to express my feelings when I don’t have words to discribe the feeling or anything like that. I make music when i’m angry, when i’m upset, when i’m happy, when i’m in love, when i feel sad. You can put al kinds of emotions in it that’s what makes it so great to make music.

  6. therazorboy Says:

    i make music to feel alive, to get in tune with what ever im feeling at a piont in time.

  7. holeorigin Says:

    i m a cleaner. i m a farmer. i m a construction worker. i m a dishwasher. in my free time, i make music. and thats define who i really am. i read this somewhere about the law; you have a right to remain silent, no one force you to make music..

  8. assiod Says:

    I make music for tv/film/advertising etc…I absolutely love it!…who thought you could work from home and make a living.I feel very fortunate writing production music.Thanks Line 6 for the great gear!
    cheers, Andrew

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