Recording James Tyler Variax Sound Samples

Rich gives us a first-hand, hand-held look into what it was like recording James Tyler Variax sound samples. As the session winds down, we’re treated to comments about JTV from the session’s all-star cast.

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  1. mdmayfield Says:

    Great to hear their reactions – can’t wait to hear the sound samples. … No, seriously, I *can’t wait* to hear the sound samples; where are they?? :-)

  2. Line6Renken Says:

    Hey MD, They are coming. There is editing and mastering to do. Hang in there.

    Eugovector, This isn’t patting the guitar on the back, it is me capturing footage of these guys reaction to playing the guitar. We were recording for 5 hours and every few minutes one of them would freak and say how good it sounds, how authentic it sounds, how they would use it, etc. I thought you guys would enjoy hearing what your peers are saying. The sitar was just a fun way to end the video.

  3. eugovector Says:

    Yeah, a sound sample is worth a thousand words. This is just a lot of patting the guitar on the back. And the one sample we get is the sitar…REALLY? The sitar was the first thing I took off my variax to make room for a “Strat” model that didn’t artificially chop off sustain.

  4. MerlinFL Says:

    Hi Rich – I think it’s terrific that you find the time to go to places where you’ve had recording engineers and players who have used the previous Vax models and now as you stated were in on “it” two years ago” with what they would want or what they thought about the ctill current Vax models.

    I do have to agree that it would have been nice to use your precious time to submit patches that the majority of people are actually interested in hearing.

    You also mentioned in your reply to prior comments left that you are waiting for video editing to post hopefully those other patches that most of us are very interested to hear until we get ours for our own personal “road tests”.

    I can only hope that the other guitars that you had asked for on top of those being committed to worldwide retail sales show up before the lastest posted arrival date Thomann has been giving regarding the Korean models.

    Since the US models are being hand assembled by several top flight people in various parts of California, this schedule will hopefully be faster than sometime in October when the Korean production models are shipped out to retail stores.

    I’ll look forward to the edited videos like this with many sounds and perhaps side by side comparisons of the still technically current modeled sounds electric & acoustic against those done now on the JTV series.

    I know I will be doing many side by side vids for L6 & YouTube. I can’t wait to hear the improvements!!

  5. MerlinFL Says:

    I was going to make a suggestion here, but thought better of it…

    @”eugovector” how about following this link where I’ll post my thoughts about your comments regarding this video.

    Take care,

  6. Line6Renken Says:

    Yes Neal,

    I shall leave the side by side comparisons to you. It will be so cool to check out.

    We have made huge improvements.

    Just yesterday a teacher from Berklee College of Music came by. She is a monster user of Variax and a big proponent and she put it on the neck pickup of the strat, played and looked at me and said, “Are you serious? Really? Wow, unbelievable how far the tone has come!, great job.”

  7. troykennedy Says:

    Dude! I know that studio! Spent many hours there for my last two CD’s. Say “Hi’ to Bobby for me. I miss that hang!

    Variax is looking amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!


  8. MerlinFL Says:

    Thanks Rich, but I’m pretty certain there will be TONS of side by side comparisons going on with all of us Vax users getting one of the new JTVs!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing what the other players choose to compare side by side, as I have several thoughts of my own on what I wish to hear the improvements on.

    I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming “event” like getting my hands on a Cherryburst model 59 since I was a kid waiting for Christmas.

    Um, the model I’ve requested is going to get to get to me before Christmas 2010, right??? LOL

    All kidding aside Rich – although you like to let all of us go with our instincts regarding how we use the Vax & Workbench…I’m asking seriously if you might want me to do anything specific once I get the JTV59? Post here or PM me with your thoughts – thanks.

  9. tsharpe Says:

    Can someone tell me whether the alternate tunings work with the real pickups or just with the piezo setting? For instance, if I plug into a tube amp using the physical humbuckers installed in the LP style Tyler model, can I use the drop tunings, or does this only work with the piezo pickup running through something like the POD X3? I know the VG Strat utilizes alternate tunings with the actual pickups and it sounds great and is very accurate. Just curious if the James Tyler model does something similar. Thanks!

  10. Line6Renken Says:

    The alt tune doesn’t change the magnetic pickup tuning. It only changes the modeled guitars. But you don’t need to be hooked up to anything. The tuning knob is right on the guitar.

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