Record for Reason Owners

by Matt Piper

As a Reason user since version 2.5, and a Record user since version 1 was in beta, I am super excited about Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

The following video shows several of the new features in Reason 5 and Record 1.5, and demonstrates to Reason users how much Record can enhance the experience of creating music. And Record is so easy for existing Reason owners to get their hands on. If you are planning to upgrade to Reason 5, you should know that for only slightly more than the cost of a regular Reason 5 upgrade, look for the box that says: “Record for Reason Owners.” It gives you your Reason 5 upgrade, plus it gives you Record 1.5.

Speaking to those Reason users out there who haven’t tried Record yet:  I can tell you that having used Record for the past year, I could never go back to not using it. Being able to record my audio tracks in the same comfortable environment that I learned in Reason, the seamless integration with Reason (all my Reason instruments are there too), and Record’s mixer are all features that I just can’t do without. Mixing on the emulated SSL console quickly became a joy that I am now quite attached to. Collaborating is made so easy by the Bounce Mixer Channels feature, which allows me to simultaneously bounce all my mixer channels into separate WAV or AIFF files in a couple of clicks. And now that Propellerhead has added the Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth, Record is an even more powerful program that allows me to work with vocals in a way I could not before.

Of course, there is quite a bit of buzz about the two new devices in Reason 5: The Kong Drum Designer, and Dr. Octo Rex, and with good reason! Live sampling is another big new feature in Reason 5. Also, users of both Reason and Record will find the new Blocks feature to be extremely useful. By the way, I finally bought a 16-pad controller, since Kong made me unable to resist such a purchase – and I’m glad I did! Kong + 16-pad controller = hours and hours of beat making. (Remember to eat, hydrate, and bathe as needed.)

This software has me fired up about making music, and looking forward to hearing what comes out!

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  1. squint Says:

    I too am intrigued to see how this release will affect my music. Even little things like being able to stretch clips, reverse clips, quickly bounce clips to be samples—things like that—are pretty exciting. I’m a little confused as to what I need to buy, though. I bought Reason and Record separately, so I’m assuming I have to go for this one:

    Reason 5 Upgrade from any version of Reason or Record Reason Duo: EUR € 99 / USD $129

    (includes free upgrade to Record 1.5 for owners of Record Reason Duo or Record for Reason Owners)

    Correct me if I’m wrong! :)

  2. Line6Piper Says:

    You are correct, squint! You already own Record, and 1.5 is a free upgrade, so all you need to pay to upgrade is Reason. Reason 5 Upgrade is the way to go for you.

    Thanks for pointing out the bounce clips to samples feature– that’s a nice one, too. Yep, there are actually lots of little improvements that aren’t getting much press right now (naturally eclipsed by Kong, Neptune, etc.), but that Reason and Record users are likely to appreciate once they find them.

  3. squint Says:

    Ohh, meant to ask: which 16-pad controller did you buy? The Korg padKontrol? Which do you recommend if I don’t wanna spend too much more than say $200 or so.

  4. Line6Piper Says:

    Good guess, squint! Yes, I did get the Korg PadKONTROL. I can’t really “recommend” one product over another since I did not go out and try them all. I just believed a percussionist friend of mine who said that the pads felt best and were most responsive on the PadKONTROL. I do like it and it does feel good to play. It triggers even at the edges of the pads, and responds well to relatively light tapping.

  5. squint Says:

    Hey, you’re like me! You buy things without trying everything first. :) I just called Guitar Center and told them to hold a Reason upgrade and one of these too…

    …without having even touched it yet! Hopefully it works out. :)

    (My M-Audio Oxygen 61 is feeling a little cheap these days. And I like having small pads too. I’m kinda limited on space on my desk, so that’s why I am gonna try this first.)

  6. Line6Piper Says:

    Cool! Looks like you exceeded your $200 limit! :) But you got 61 keys and several knobs and faders along with your pads! To get that at the same time as Reason 5 and Record 1.5 seems more exciting than childhood Christmas morning! Enjoy the music making!

  7. squint Says:

    Ahh yes, I decided to just charge it all on the trusty Guitar Center card I can never seem to pay off! Every time I get it down to zero something else comes out that I buy! :) The space I will save in replacing the Oxygen 61 with this Akai keyboard that has built-in pads I guess is worth the extra $250 :) (It’s $449 in the store.. $499 on the site… weird) And YES I am very excited about all this stuff. I also bought a Fairlight refill and a Kong refill AHHH. Too much money!

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