Propellerhead Record + Line 6 FBV Foot Controller: Live Guitar Looping

By Line6Piper

Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) demonstrates live guitar loop recording using the Line 6 FBV Shortboard™ MkII. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, Reason 4 Ignite.

The latest update of Propellerhead Record (version 1.0.1) adds Remote support for FBV Shortboard MkII and FBV Express™ MkII. In turn, Line 6 has created an FBV Control preset that works with both foot controllers to provide convenient automatic functionality with Propellerhead Record. Using this preset with the FBV Shortboard MkII, I found it very easy and super fun to do what you will see in the video.

As you may be able to tell from watching the video, the bottom row of footswitches on the FBV Shortboard MkII controls the Record Transport (Play, Stop, Record, etc.), while the top Function 1 & 2 footswitches select Previous or Next Track. Other useful pre-mapped functions include program change (for any Reason or Record device that uses presets), plus cabinet & amp selection and wah/volume for Record’s Line 6 Guitar Amp. FBV Express MkII has transport controls plus wah/volume pre-mapped, and of course you can easily custom-map anything else you want to control.

By the way, in case you were wondering where the bass and drums heard in the video came from: They are from the Reason Soul School ReFill.

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17 Responses to “ Propellerhead Record + Line 6 FBV Foot Controller: Live Guitar Looping ”

  1. fazmau Says:

    Hi. I’m a musician, guitarist first of all. I’ve just bought fbv shortboard mkII and I use Record from propellerhead.

    Well. Is there a documents that shows how are the Fbv mapped whit your preset? I mean, what function whit any device selected are currently working? I can try all, but it would be easier have it.



  2. Line6Piper Says:

    Hi FazMad,

    We do not currently have a document for this on our site, but here is the information:

    FBV Shortboard MKII
    Map Version 1.0.0

    Reason or Record Document

    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    A Play
    B Stop
    C Record
    D Loop On/Off

    STOMP Click On/Off
    MODULATION Precount On/Off
    DELAY New Overdub
    REVERB New Alternative Take

    TAP Goto Left Locator
    BANK UP Select Next Patch for Target Device
    BANK DOWN Select Prev Patch for Target Device
    FUNCTION 1 Target Previous Track
    FUNCTION 2 Target Next Track

    Line 6 Guitar Amp

    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    STOMP Select Previous Amp Model
    MODULATION Select Next Amp Model
    DELAY Select Previous Cab Model
    REVERB Select Next Cab Model
    PEDAL WAH Wah Pedal
    TOE SWITCH Wah Pedal On
    PEDAL VOLUME Volume Pedal

    Line 6 Bass Amp

    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    STOMP Select Previous Amp Model
    MODULATION Select Next Amp Model
    DELAY Select Previous Cab Model
    REVERB Select Next Cab Model

    Record Master Section

    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    STOMP Button 1
    MODULATION Button 2
    DELAY Button 3
    REVERB Button 4

    Record Main Mixer Channel

    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    STOMP Button 1
    MODULATION Button 2
    DELAY Button 3
    REVERB Button 4


    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    A Button 1
    B Button 2
    C Button 3
    D Button 4

    Master Keyboard
    Control Surface Item Remotable Item
    PEDAL WAH Expression

  3. fazmau Says:

    Thank you a lot!!!

    Just another question.Must the fbv control application be working when using record? Or it’s only enough to charge your propellerhead remote .fbv one time and then close the application?To me it seems working whit no fbv control app open.



  4. Line6Piper Says:

    I was told that the FBV control app must be open. At the very least, I am sure it has to have been opened in order to load the FBV Shortboard MkII properly. I haven’t tested every single function to verify whether the app needs to remain open or not, but the person who told me it should remain open was the person who created the FBV Control App preset for Record, so I believed him. :)

    I’m traveling right now and unable to test this for sure– but my understanding is that there will be a few functions that won’t work if the Control app is not open.

  5. fazmau Says:

    Thanks a lot. I’ll sure test next days.

    Good music


  6. hoodoo_operator Says:

    Great video! I was wondering if you could do the same thing with all the same functionality using the POD X3 Live.

  7. Line6Piper Says:

    Thanks, hoodoo operator! To answer your question: POD X3 Live does not send MIDI over USB, so the only way you could do this at all is if you had a MIDI-USB interface with a MIDI input. Then you could connect a MIDI cable between the MIDI Output of POD X3 Live and the MIDI Input of your MIDI interface. Your MIDI interface should be set up to send/receive in Record’s Preferences > Keyboards and Control Surfaces. And still, you would have to set up all the MIDI Remote assignments manually, since the FBV Control application and associated preset and codec used in the video won’t work with POD X3 Live.

    Otherwise, you would just have to trigger the recording with your mouse or another MIDI controller.

    If you want to see all the cool stuff you can do with POD X3 Live and Record, please check out this video (if you haven’t already seen it):

  8. EcentC Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Would it be possible to plug my line6 m9 direct into my interface and then use the line 6 amp models in record?

    If so, should i use the hi-z input or line.

  9. hoodoo_operator Says:


    Thanks for the speedy reply. From what you are saying I might just stick with the FBV. I was sort of looking for an “all-in-one” device that would provide me with control of Record during live performances, plus inputs for guitar and mic. Since I already have a Line6 input device I’ll probably couple that with an FBV, whose codecs are so generously provided, plus save a little money ;)

    Thanks again!

  10. hoodoo_operator Says:


    Ok, another question, and I apologize if this is off topic. But I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple control surfaces using Record + Reason. For instance, lets say I wanted to have an FBV Shortboard to control looping and guitar effects while I have an M-Audio Axiom keyboard for controlling synthesizer sounds and insert effects. My goal is to be a one-man-band DJ kind of guy where I pre-record drum loops and during live performances record bass, guitar and keys on the fly. Is this possible?

  11. Line6Piper Says:

    @EcentC: M9 will not unlock any additional amp models in Record, but you can do as you say, and plug M9 into your interface and use the Line 6 Amp Device in Record as your virtual amp. I would use the hi-z (instrument) input on your interface.

  12. Line6Piper Says:

    @hoodoo_operator: Yes, you can use several MIDI controllers/control surfaces simultaneously with Record + Reason.

  13. psynecromagnon Says:

    This may seem obvious but I just wanted to make sure before I spend another $300; could I use one FBV Shortboard MKII to control Record via USB and a second FBV Shortboard MKII to control POD Farm 2 via USB SIMULTANIOUSLY???

    Thanks – Aaron

  14. Line6Piper Says:

    @psynecromagnon: That’s actually a good question. Unfortunately, using two FBV Shortboard MKII’s simultaneously with your computer as you suggest is not recommended.

  15. demetriuspatin Says:

    is it possible to use my m13 looper controls with reason, and do i have to use the modling amp in the program or is there a way to have it in my effects loop so that it goes back to the effects loop return?

  16. Line6Piper Says:

    @demetriuspatin: So sorry I never responded to this – just came across it. I’m not sure what you mean about the effects loop. Normally you wouldn’t use the amp model as a send effect. I’m not sure if you are saying you want to use M13 as a send effect in Record, or M13 as an insert effect on a single track in Record, or if you want to have some effects in Record within M13′s signal chain, using M13′s effects loop. All of this is technically possible if your sound card has enough inputs and outputs.

    Regarding using M13 looper controls to control Reason/Record, there is no template for this, and I’ve not tried it. It would take some custom work. It’s possible that you could use Record’s Remote Override Mapping on a per-song basis to achieve some result, but not with as much functionality as the video demonstrates using FBV.

  17. iznogoud13 Says:

    Hi, nice video and features. I was wondering if it possible, via the FBV Short Board mkII, to control Line 6 amp module in Record separatly (ex.: activating one amp module while deactivating another at the same time – kinda like switching from an amp in solo mixer mode). I would like to be able to switch from one sound to another (from a Line 6 amp to another – In a Combinator on the same channel) with the FBVmkII. Is that possible (hope my question is clear enough)?Thanking you in advance for your time & cooperation.

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