M13 and Teddy’s Tones, Pt. 2

By Teddy Kumpel

Guitarist Teddy Kumpel has a lot of tone tricks up his sleeves. He shares a few more favorites from his M13 Stompbox Modeler.

More freaky M13 Stompbox Modeler tricks that blow my mind…

I use it as a freak-out sound-design box when I play with my trio. I do a lot of live looping and M13 gives me the variety of sounds I need to create myriad textures quickly.

One scene is programmed for effects I use individually. It includes Growler, which is like the most intense auto-wah that ever existed. I use it as a punchy downbeat sound in loops. WAHOOOOW…

Ring Modulator is one of my faves. I set the depth and speed really slow in heel position so it sounds like a normal vibrato pedal. In toe position they are set higher so it goes into ring-mod-tone-freak-out-land. Leave it on while playing chords to emphasize certain parts with a little Ring Mod twist (that sounds like an electric cat running up a telephone pole).

Speaking of Vibrato, I love the Pitch Vibrato model. I love to turn it on while soloing for a Joe Zawinul (RIP) feeling. Joe always had some pitch movement going on in his solos, which always moved me. I get chills thinking about him when I use this model with one of the synth sounds.

On the topic of synth sounds, Synth-O-Matic wave 3 sounds like a giant electric bassoon/bass clarinet/cattle prod. When I turn it on my bass player laughs his head off. Synth-O-Matic wave 6 sounds like some weird 70′s dance music synth. I use it with the pitch a little out of tune and the mix with my guitar at 50/50 for a funky, high-school-marching-band-horn-section sound.

Octisynth is really special. If you use it with an expression pedal to increase speed and depth at the same time, I guarantee a good time. Just watch out for the sonic helicopter that tries to attack you in level 3…

Keep experimenting. The M-series pedals will keep up with your imagination!!!

For  the whole story, read M13  and Teddy’s Tones, Pt. 1.

Teddy onstage with M13 and Ring Mod, delay freak-out, hard trem, marching band synth, giant bassoon…

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