James Tyler Variax is on the Case!

When it comes to transporting your James Tyler Variax modeling guitar safely and stylishly, we go above and beyond.

Overseas-made guitars don’t usually come with cases – you have to kick in extra money for something to put it in. This isn’t the case with our imported JTV guitars. Each one comes standard with a durable, padded gig bag with a stitched Line 6 logo and 2 pockets big enough for all your gig essentials.

James Tyler Variax Gig Bag

What about the American-made JTV-US guitars? Each one ships with a legacy. That legacy is a G&G Quality Case. G&G is the original electric guitar case company that dates back to 1952. They got their start when founder Ben Germain met a young entrepreneur and inventor named Leo who was seeking a manufacturer to produce cases for his new electric guitars, the Stratocaster® and the Telecaster®. More than 50 years later, G&G is still at it supplying cases to Fender®, Anderson Guitar Works, Tyler® Guitars, Mike Lull Guitars, Sadowsky® Guitars, G&L, and many others.

Check out the video for a personal look at how G&G Quality Case got started.

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  1. Now_and_Then Says:

    Oh, that is a very fine looking gig bag!

    Too bad it won’t remain a fine looking gig bag for long, as its light colour will only serve to highlight the dirt and stains that accumulate from normal use.

    I am not really sure that choosing this colour was the smartest idea, guys. I can easily imagine the gig bag quickly becoming rather shabby unless it is regularly cleaned, or is put inside some kind of protective cover, to prevent it from being subject to the wear and tear to which it must inevitably be subjected.

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