James Tyler Variax and Wildwood Manufacturing

When we set out to find a manufacturing partner for the USA-made James Tyler Variax bodies and necks, we searched the entire country. We looked for a team that shared our sensibilities. (Sensibilities that need to mesh with James Tyler’s exacting standards.) We found a wonderful partner in Wildwood Manufacturing.

Wildwood Manufacturing has been making superb guitar bodies for over 20 years. And for more than 10 of those years, since they began CNC machining, they have delivered small and large production runs to a select handful of demanding customers. Some of the finest guitars and basses on the market today start with Wildwood Manufacturing’s bodies and necks as their foundation.

Wildwood is tucked among the Redwoods on California’s rugged north coast, in Arcata, the heart of Humboldt County. Necks are built from carefully selected, kiln-dried maple and mahogany. Bodies are built from wood that is carefully chosen for stability, grade of figure and weight.

To see even more great pictures of the USA-made JTVs being built with care at Wildwood Manufacturing click here.

2 Responses to “ James Tyler Variax and Wildwood Manufacturing ”

  1. Goocher Says:

    I saw some maple fingerboards! The caption said “JTV-69US Precise measuring” http://www.flickr.com/photos/variax/5094777393/in/set-72157625194446346/

    Mine will come with rosewood, but very curious about the maple. So far, none of the retailers are advertising JTV-69US models with maple fingerboards.

  2. mhurwi Says:

    I’m really enjoying this blog– it’s really neat to get a look into the development of such a cool guitar, especially one that I might be buying.

    I hope you get a chance to post some more updates!

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