Guitar Redefined: Announcing the James Tyler Variax

James Tyler Variax is the first truly advanced guitar of the 21st century, and its story is as deep and colorful as a flame-top finish.

Welcome to the opening post of, your portal to all things JTV. Over the coming months you’ll be privy to production information that most guitar companies would rather keep secret. But we’re not like most guitar companies, and this is no ordinary guitar.

What makes a JTV a JTV? Simple: an innovative design and boutique playing experience courtesy of master luthier James Tyler, and the world’s most advanced guitar modeling technology from the people who invented it, Line 6.

What went into making a JTV? Not so simple: tons of component choices, aesthetic choices, engineering hours, advances in modeling technology, design revisions, late nights, deadlines, arguments, battles with LA traffic, and much, much more.

If you are attending Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany, you may be able to see or even play some of the guitars we are previewing from our pilot run. If not, don’t worry, this blog will cover those guitars and much more. Plus, we’ll be tweeting from around the show. Don’t miss a thing!

Team JTV is gearing up to tell its story in obsessive detail. Make sure to bookmark this page, add it to your RSS feed, and check back often to hear from the people in the trenches, and from the artists who are forever grateful. Look out for videos, photos, words, and whatever else they can dig up to tell the story of the most important modeling guitar we’ve ever made.

Next post: Who is James Tyler? Join the ranks of Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Warren DeMartini, Prince, and more in getting to know the man, the myth, and the mind behind the Mongoose.

4 Responses to “ Guitar Redefined: Announcing the James Tyler Variax ”

  1. tarot Says:

    Hi!…i’m a big fan and the proud owner of a variax 700 acustic,a 300 nylon and in my forth 700 electric…actually to be honest i’m a pro musician and Line6 endorser from Portugal.I’ve been checking out the new JTV and i will surely be having one! ;-) …just one remark:please do something about that headstock,it’s way to ibanez,bulcky and big…do a headstock that’s more in “tune” with the rest of the guitar.
    stay well!

  2. RobertR Says:

    Where do I send my money?
    I wish to own one.
    The amazing Line 6 electronics
    are deserving of a Body to match it’s Soul.

  3. mkrohne Says:

    Finally! Love the picks. Can’t wait to try one. I have the Variax 700 electric and acoustic. Besides the body changes (and the addition of pickups) what other changes are lurking within? Th single cut looks good to me!

  4. Conra Says:


    I can’t wait to grab my fingers on one of these… To check the feel of it!!!

    I’ve just released my album
    at which

    I’ve used a Variax 300 with different tunnings programmed, from Drop-A to Drop- D and everything in between…

    Keep rockin’ and doing the great job!!!

    Conra(do) Ruther

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