Dialing In Spider Valve MkII Tones: Pt. 4

Line 6 Expert Rowbi has been a Line6.com Community member since November 25, 2006, has posted over 4,000 times and has earned over 3,000 points. He’s treating us to a series of blog posts and videos centered on one area of his expertise: Spider Valve™ MkII guitar amplifiers. For more helpful gear tutorials, visit Rowbi’s […]

Making Music Videos For YouTube | Part 1

Jordan Colley is the resident video production guy at Line 6 HQ. You might remember his work from “that video that you saw on YouTube” or his epic masterpiece, “that other video you saw on Line6.com”. Making a compelling demonstration or music video can seem like a secret art sometimes, but it doesn’t have to […]

Guide to Home Recording, Part 2: Choosing Microphones

Vocals to drums, the right microphones ensure the best recordings. This article continues Line 6′s home recording series with an exploration into the most common microphone types, specs and applications. Big recording budgets, giant studios and seasoned engineers are becoming increasingly scarce so be sure you’re making the right microphone choices. Read Part 1 of […]