James Tyler Variax Receives “Guitarist Choice” Award!

James Tyler Variax receives “Guitarist Choice” award from Guitarist magazine (and the guitar isn’t even out yet). Read the entire review here!

Dialing In Spider Valve MkII Tones: Pt. 2

Line 6 Expert Rowbi has been a Line6.com Community member since November 25, 2006, has posted over 3,700 times and has earned over 3,000 points. He’s treating us to a series of blog posts and videos centered on one area of his expertise: Spider Valve™ MkII guitar amplifiers. For more helpful gear tutorials,visit Rowbi’s website. […]

Propellerhead Community: Peff’s BitCrusher BC3 Combinator

Peff, aka Kurt Kurasaki, is constantly coming up with innovative and inspiring ways to use Propellerhead Reason and Propellerhead Record. Some of his fine work can be found in the Record and Reason Soundbank ReFills, and he regularly posts on his blog about new ideas he’s trying out, providing food for thought along with several […]

More Thoughts on the James Tyler Variax from Dwayne Larring

Producer Dwayne Larring (Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Voxhaul Broadcast) is currently in the studio tracking guitars. With a pile of great guitars to choose from, only one has opened up “a world of possibilities” for him. Can you guess which one? Did you miss last week’s video of Dwayne?

Producer Dwayne Larring in the Studio with a James Tyler Variax

Having helped shape the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Nick Carter, Voxhaul Broadcast and many other artists, producer Dwayne Larring is serious about tone. See what happened when we left him alone with a JTV-69US…

Animal Magnetism: How Animal Songs Influence Our Music

Well it’s no secret around the office. I love animals. From tapirs to sharks to fennec foxes! Many don’t always think about the music that animals are knowingly or unknowingly providing. And some music we take for granted as the animals sing their songs everyday in our backyards. I listen to “Dolphins & Whales” Relax […]

Propellerhead Record 1.5: A few of my Favorite Things in the new Version

By Line6Piper Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) discusses a few of the new features he has been enjoying in Propellerhead Record 1.5. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, Reason 4 Ignite. The latest update of Propellerhead Record (version 1.5) has some great new features […]