Spider Valve and M13: Shon Hinton’s Go-To Tones

By Shon Hinton

Guitarist Shon Hinton is always in demand. His distinctive playing style can be heard on numerous R & B records, and seen on stage with Lil Wayne, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, and others. In this article, Shon sheds some light on some of his recent go-to tones.

I’ve been using Line 6 products since 2002, and since then I have grown with them in every development. From the Flextone™ series to HD147®, Vetta™, and up to the greatest amp that they ever built, SPIDER VALVE™!

I first used Spider Valve on the Lil Wayne “I Am Music” tour. I was blown away. And then Line 6 took it to the next level when they came up with M13 Stompbox Modeler.

Wherever I’m playing, whether at church or on tour with Lil Wayne, John Legend, or Mary J. Blige, I use the Spider Valve HD100 head with 2×12 cabs, and the M13 pedal.

Shon’s M13 settings

FX Unit 1
FX Unit 2
FX Unit 3
FX Unit 4
Slot C Reverse Delay, just for fun. Just different effects including a tremolo, rotary drum, and phaser All delays, from long delays that leave a residue to shorter ones that don’t leaves as much. Analog Chorus gives me the Roland® chorus sound, that Mike Stern vibe.
Slot B A short reverb, which I use to make mysolos a little louder. (The decay is at about 10%, 94ms, the tone is at about high noon, and the mix is about the same.) Tri Chorus with the speed at about 10%,depth is at about 1pm, depth2 is at about 5pm, depth3 is at about 11pm, and the mix is turned all the way up.
Slot A Hall Reverb Dimension, which gives me that Andy Summers feel. I use the stock settings.

Shon’s Spider Valve settings

Now, my Spider Valve amp settings are what I like to call Atomic Blue. The settings at church are the same as the settings on the road, and it works out perfectly!

Channel Amp Model (and color)
A Blues (blue) The drive level turned down and the channel volume turned all the way up. Everything else on this setting is pretty much stable.
B Blues (blue) The drive turned all the way up.
C Crunch (blue) The drive turned all the way up.
D Metal (blue) All I do with this setting is turn the channel volume all the way up and let ‘er rip!

Shon Hinton: "Turn the channel volume all the way up and let ‘er rip!"

Do you have M13 or Spider Valve settings you’d like to share with Shon and the Line 6 Community? Just reply to this post!

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