M13 and Teddy’s Tones, Pt. 1

Busy New York guitarist Teddy Kumpel has a lot of tone tricks up his sleeves. He shares a few favorites from his M13 Stompbox Modeler.

By Teddy Kumpel

M13 Stompbox Modeler is a device that can be used so many different ways I can’t imagine a player who it wouldn’t suit.

I use it as a freak-out sound design box when I play with my trio. I do a lot of live looping and M13 gives me the variety of sounds I need to create myriad textures quickly.

I have one scene programmed for effects I use individually. Effects like Reverse Delay with an expression pedal controlling the mix. It’s not only great for that super-trippy backwards lead guitar sound, it also works great just for a little moment in a rhythm part where you want to hear something backwards. Just set the delay time to whole-notes and enjoy…

Really hard and intense Opto Trem with the pedal controlling speed is a fun trick. I’ll play a chord with the speed as fast as it will go and slowly use the pedal to slow it down, like skimming a stone across water.

Tape Echo with the pedal controlling delay time and feedback level is awesome for dub delays. Just turn them on while you’re skanking for a second at the end of a phrase, move the pedal around and you’re in Jamaica in 1970. The synth sounds are raw, freaky, retro, and really exactly what I would want in a guitar synth, without the hassle of having a whole cumbersome guitar synth setup.

To be continued…

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