Gear Tips and Much More: Read the New Line 6 Blog!

Line 6 is constantly looking for new ways of making its users’ lives easier and more musical.

The new Line 6 blog will offer our users (and all musicians) a sprawling online destination loaded with a variety of interesting content. As the blog grows, features will include helpful Line 6 gear tips, sanity-saving recording advice, geek-inducing pedal board setups, eye-opening artist tour diaries, and much more.

Right now, armies of touring artists, studio musicians, recording engineers, and in-house Line 6ers are firing up their laptops and pouring their hearts, minds and professional experiences into an expanding collection of indispensible information for musicians.

As always, user comments are encouraged. Please let us know if you find the blog posts helpful or interesting. And feel free to suggest topics that you’d like to read about.

If you enjoy our MySpace blog, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. Music-related news, opinions and deep-reaching questions will still have a home there. And, of course, we’re all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.


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3 Responses to “ Gear Tips and Much More: Read the New Line 6 Blog! ”

  1. crosseyedfish Says:

    I just got a Vetta head after some horse trading. They are hard to find used, most people won’t get rid of them. Most of the used ones I have seen came from closed studios. I used to have an AX2 212 and went to a spider III head and cab for bigger sound. It was great but I missed the versatility and the big chorusy clean spooky tones with the AX2. Now I have both plus! Writing our own music, I needed the ability to create tones and certain tones can seet a mood that can even inspire a song. Well anyway I am feeling a little overwhelmed and have been reading the manual and playng for the first time with it last night.

    I welcome any advice or encouragement from Vetta owners or line 6 staff. For instance setting it up for electric acoustic? I am playing out in 1 week and have figured out some of the tones I need already but still feel a little overwhelmed. This is an awesome Machine! I should have bit the bullet and got one a long time ago. Wayne

  2. Line6DP Says:

    hey, crosseyedfish. glad you like your vetta! a few line6ers suggest checking out the these sites:

    if you have a vetta II, you can download tones from customtone.

    hope this helps! let us know how it goes.

  3. Line6DP Says:

    also, andy z. wanted to let you know that you can find lots of line 6 patches here:

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